16-year-olds allowed right to vote in Takoma Park

In a May city council meeting, Takoma, MD Park council members voted on numerous city charter amendments. One of these amendments would grant 16 and 17-year-olds voting privileges in city elections. The Huffington Post reported that city council members approved the amendment 6-1. This amendment also included giving back convicted felons the right to vote if they have served their time.

The Washington Post documented that some residents were leery about lowering the voting age because they felt “teenagers lacked the maturity and experience to handle the responsibility and that they would be easily influenced by their parents.” However, the amendment passed because of its affect on the bigger picture. By developing voting habits in younger teens, it will be more likely that they will continue to vote regularly. Councilman Tim Male, who voted for the measure, told WJLA-TV (http://wj.la/12yVSqi) that “[Elected officials] are trying to make it possible for more people to be part of our city government.”

And isn’t that what democracy is all about?


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