Rally to overturn Citizens United – Tuesday, January 21st at the Capitol

This Tuesday, January 21st, is the 4th Anniversary of Citizens United. Please join us at the Money Out, Voters In press conference in the Assembly Parlor of the Capitol at 10am. The message will be to urge the assembly to vote on AJR50, to bring a referendum to the people of WI in November. Speakers:

  • Rep. Chris Taylor
  • Ben Seigel, Wisconsin Business Alliance
  • Arlene Meyer, Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups
  • TBA, Wisconsin Farmers Union
  • Scott Foval, People for the American Way

How can you help? Attend and bring people! While we are billing this as a press conference rather than a rally, we still want and need lots of people to turn out and show that the people of Wisconsin want the assembly to act on AJR50. The people of Wisconsin deserve a vote on this, THE core issue of our time.

Please join us in the Assembly Parlor, Tuesday at 10am!


MOVI Rally