Protest the McCutcheon Ruling Today, April 2nd in the Capitol Rotunda at 5pm

Our corporately controlled U.S. Supreme Court has issued yet another ruling in favor of the big monied special interests, at the expense of 99% of America. The McCutcheon ruling lets the richest 1% buy more politicians than ever before.  Yesterday 13 WI communities voted to get money out of politics and today the Supreme Court voted to inject more money into politics. We the People must band together and take back our country! We have to hit the streets and let our voices be heard!

This is part of a national rapid response effort organized by Money Out / Voters In:

Everyone bring signs, if possible. Public Campaign provided a couple of ideas:

Also, bring some dollar bills and tape. We can tape the bills over our mouths and have a silent protest for a bit.

Once again the Court has made its loyalties clear, and they lie not with the American people. The wealthiest individuals already have the power to finance campaigns and now the Court has made that even easier. We reject the Supreme Court’s ruling in McCutcheon and call on the American people to build a movement to force Congress to overrule the Court through an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to make clear that corporations do not have Constitutional rights and money is not speech and campaign spending at all levels can be regulated.

About James Crist

How do we stop America's decline? The country is in trouble and we can all feel it. Where did we go wrong? How do we fix it? We now have an auction-based government, for sale to the highest bidder. Politicians have become nothing more than corporate whores and pawns for the rich. If we want our representatives to represent us, let them get their campaign money from us, their constituents. We have to amend the constitution to get the big money out of politics.

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