Vote Yes: Govt By the People, Not the Highest Bidder

WHAT: An educational presentation in preparation for the vote on the Move To Amend referendum in the City of Watertown.

WHERE: Watertown Senior Center, 514 S. First St, Watertown, WI

WHEN: Thursday, March 26th from 7-8:15pm

Our speakers will be Lisa Graves and George Penn. There is no charge for the event. Please RSVP on Facebook!

Lisa Graves, a former deputy assistant attorney general at the US Justice Department, is the executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy. Lisa will talk about the importance of protecting the Bill of Rights for human beings with a constitutional amendment. She will also discuss preserving our freedom of speech while fighting corruption, conflicts of interest, and working to stop the legalized bribery in our system.

( and are published by the Center for Media and Democracy)

George Penn, a former nuclear engineer and energy consultant, heads up the Move To Amend Outreach Team & Interfaith Caucus. George will be introducing the ideas around what the amendment is working to accomplish: rule by the people. He will discuss the invention and expansion of constitutional rights of artificial legal entities such as corporations and unions, as well as, how the lack of regulation on political spending by these entities is undermining our republic created to represent human beings.


More info: Brad Geyer (920) 674-4640 or Dan Fary (920) 563-3072