Town Hall with state senator Chris Kapenga

Wednesday’s Town Hall Meeting where State Senator Chris Kapenga says money is the same thing as free speech and he doesn’t care that 80% of his constituents disagree. Thanks to Gerry Flakas, our fabulous volunteer from Delafield!!! Reps Cindi Duchow & Rep. Scott Allen were also in attendance.

He’s trying to blame McCain Feingold?!? That’s the Act that Citizens United destroyed!! He then goes on to say there’s bipartisan support to stop unaccountable dark money from being injected into campaigns?!? The only way to do that is via our amendment! He thinks we’re pushing for an Article V Convention.  Wrong.  We need to inform and educate Chris Kapenga. Please contact him!

Please call and visit with your reps and urge them to cosponsor LRB-176 (Assembly) and LRB-1138 (Senate).  Talking points are:

  • All we’re trying to do is to let Wisconsin voters voice their opinion regarding the issue of money in politics. It’s the core issue today. Everyday Americans have no voice and no representation. We need to rescue the First Amendment rights of Americans from a growing Oligarchy.
  • It’s the right thing to do. America is supposed to be a representative democracy. What we have now is crony capitalism, with billionaires and corporate fat cats in control. 99.9% of Americans have no say in our policies and no representation.
  • 105 communities have already called for this. 2.8 million people (49% of Wisconsinites) live in jurisdictions that have called for an amendment. The average Yes vote in the last election was 81% for this.
  • Politicians in Washington spend 40-70% of their time raising money, instead of doing their job.
  • Our legislators are afraid to do what’s right, for fear of being primaried with anonymous donors running negative ads. All these negative ads cause more and more polarization.
  • It’ll help their image. People have lost faith in our government and have grown to hate politicians. Congress is less popular than cockroaches. People don’t feel like they’re being represented because they’re not being represented. Only big donors are being represented.