Rep. Lisa Subeck introduces 2017 joint resolution to let Wisconsin vote on CU

IMG_20150121_092357854 IMG_20150121_092354479 IMG_20150121_092131324 IMG_20150121_092122665 IMG_20150121_092040873 IMG_20150121_092011828 IMG_20150121_091952658 IMG_20150121_091948510 IMG_20150121_091914310 IMG_20150121_091909211 IMG_20150121_091805209 IMG_20150121_091752555 IMG_20150121_091732313 IMG_20150121_091729141 IMG_20150121_091717842 IMG_20150121_091708322 IMG_20150121_091703665 IMG_20150121_091646260 IMG_20150121_091637509 IMG_20140121_101822072 MOVI Rally

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